Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Blog

Good Morning Readers,

I just wanted you to know that my blog has moved and will no longer be here. To see the new blog. click here and you will be forwarded. The new address is See you there..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Amy & Wayne's Wedding

Hey There Friends,

On July 10, I started my wedding season off with a bang and an injury. That's right...I said injury. Two days before, I rolled my ankle and was on crutches. Luckily, I have great friends and Hadar Goren came out and shot with me. This was such a fun day with such a great couple. The wedding was in Oakton and the reception was in Clifton at the fabulous Trummer's on Main. This is a brand new restaurant and it is incredible. The food and the staff are fantastic!! You have to check it out. Here are some of my favorite images from the day. Thanks again to Hadar. I could not have done it without you!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

My wedding season has finally begun!!

I know that its been a while since my last post, but I'm so excited that my wedding season has begun. This past weekend, I kicked everything off with an E-Session with Kelly & Chris. These guys are so great to photograph and their wedding is September is going to be incredible. I'm also so pumped to shoot this wedding with my buddy Noah Hayes. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the session. Enjoy!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

20 Random Things about me that few know...

Ok, I know that this subject has been done before and sometimes I find out something interesting and funny about bloggers that I follow, but I have avoided "going there".....until now. Please sit back and enjoy...For I too, have at least 20 random things about me that few know about. Don't hate...Just Love...

  1. I'm have a problem with iPhone Apps...I download too many
  2. I'm a sushi FANATIC!!
  3. I used to be a professional musician and I rocked the mullet!!
  4. I've been playing drums for over 30 years
  5. I've been singing for over 35 years
  6. I DVR all bass fishing shows on Saturday and Sunday!!
  7. I love bubble gum ice cream
  8. I'm hooked on fishing
  9. I prefer Van Halen to Van Hagar
  10. I paid for every song on my iPod
  11. If Apple computers didn't exist, I'd use an abacus!!
  12. I've got two tickets to the gun show for sale to anyone that wants em;-)
  13. I'm a band geek (I was in the drumline and I teach drumlines)
  14. I hate celebrity...I would never ask anyone for an autograph...Its so rude!!
  15. I get carded for beer and I'm 43 years old
  16. I was a champion another life;-)
  17. I can do the humpty dance..
  18. I have Bassitis
  19. I wrote the 5 second rule
  20. I get writer's block.......

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Whats been happening?!!

Hey There Friends!!..Been a while hasn't it? Things have been crazy and I'm finding that there needs to be more hours in the day and more days in the week. So where to begin... Well, I'm pretty over the rain at this point. I've had to reschedule multiple engagement sessions because of this wonderful wetness, but the weather man is telling me that there might be a break on the horizon. Let's keep our fingers crossed. My couples ROCK and I really want to get out with them to capture some awesome moments. I also just received another wonderful album from my pals at KISS Wedding Books. These guys never cease to amaze me with their service and the quality of their product. My clients are gonna love this book! Stay tuned for a post about this album with some pictures soon. Also, if you Twitter, follow me by clicking here. I try to post little tid bits throughout the day. Who knows, you might catch something that makes you giggle!

In my personal life, things have been crazy and lots of fun. For those of you that don't know, I've been a musician(drummer) for a longer time that I care to admit (I don't want to give away how old I am!!;-) and I've started playing to large crowds again at McLean Bible Church. The folks that I play with are awesome and I get to wear my Chuck's and graphics tee's to church every Sunday. Really Cool!! My kids are begging me to let them sit in "grown up church" so they can see Daddy get his groove on!! Anyhow, that's all for now. Stay tuned for pics of the new KISS Wedding Book that just came in. That should be up soon. Until next time...